Making a difference in the lives of cats and kittens that need us most.​

Your Invitation to participate...

Happy Strays offers several opportunities to give of your time and talent including:

  • Cat or kitten fostering
    What is a foster home?
    Foster homes are the backbone of any pet rescue organization. They are families just like yours that provide a safe, temporary home environment for rescue cats and kittens to rest, recuperate, and prepare to meet their forever families. The cats in foster care benefit greatly from love and attention and living in a home; for some rescue kittens, it may be their very first home.

    What does the foster home provide?
    As a rescue foster home, you provide the food, a comfy place to sleep, and all the love you can spare.  Happy Strays will cover all of your foster kitty's medical expenses, including medications, and provides any special supplies. We ask the foster family to treat the foster cat like any other member of the family.  Get to know the pet. Any insight you can offer is helpful to the rescue's placement decision. Together, you and Happy Strays can decide what kind of home is best for your foster kitty.

    What if I want to adopt my foster kitty?
    We understand that families often fall in love with their foster kitty and can't imagine their home without them. If you and Happy Strays decide the cat or kitten is a good match for your family, we would love to discuss permanent placement with you.

    Application to become a foster

  • Host a fundraiser

  • Girl and Boy Scout projects

  • Participate in Ralph's Club Community Contribution Program
    This is a free and easy way to donate to Happy Strays. Simply register your rewards card  and Ralphs will donate up to 4% of your shopping bill. Sign up on the Ralphs website to designate Happy Strays Rescue as your preferred charity. Re-enrollment is required each year on September 1st.

  • Use our Amazon affiliate link for your online shopping
    If you love and use the convenience of  Amazon, we invite you to begin each search with our special link. In using this link we may receive a small percentage of your purchase(s). 

  • Fulfill our Wish List 
    The care of cats and kittens is an expensive undertaking and we are often asked, "what do you need?"
    Happy Strays volunteers have created a 
    cat registry on Amazon for the easiest way to contribute or... other items include:
    Kittens: Diaper wipes, kitten milk replacement, jars of baby food (chicken, ham, or turkey), and baby shampoo. 
    Cat and Kitten Food: Dry and canned, any brand
    Gift Cards: PETCO, Petsmart, Target, Walmart
    Cleaning Supplies: Bleach, disinfectant wipes, dish soap, laundry detergent, paper towels, and hand sanitizer
    Household Items: Crates, pet carriers, old towels, sheets, small blankets, and heating pads.

  • Shop ResQThreads
    Support our rescue by making a  purchase online  with this corporate partner.

  • Donate to our Pet Food Bank
    When pet food or litter is donated for this purpose, we are happy to distribute your gift to low income families, seniors, and the disabled who are pet owners in our community. Please bring products to the PETCO in La Canada or Santa Clarita and market it for "Happy Strays Pet Food Bank."

  • Offer your Talents
    Tell us how you would like to volunteer with our  request form.