Special Needs
Happy Strays has struggled to care for many kittens like Hope due to limited financial resources. If you would like to donate to the medical care of kittens and cats, please consider Happy Strays as your charity of choice.



Cats and kittens arrive at the rescue with all sorts of ailments from upper respiratory illnesses and colds to broken bones. 

If you can help with donations to cover the medical expenses of our cats and kittens in foster care, any amount would be greatly appreciated as surgery, antibiotics, and excellent veterninary care are expensive. Thank you on behalf of Happy Strays Rescue!

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Happy Strays Rescue has helped a number of special needs kitties over their years and we've tended to their specific medical needs and deformities.  Veterinary costs are expensive and we could not have have treated so many of our cats without the contributions from individuals like you.  Every dollar counts.

We thank you for your continued support on behalf of our adopted special needs kitties who now live happy and healthier lives.